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L'accueil de Kathleen, sa gentillesse et la qualité de ses petits déjeuners qui est un merveilleux moment. — Patricia

Maintained by your host, Kathleen Karamanos, Fundy Heights B&B is situated in what was originally the city of Lancaster — later amalgamated in 1967 with the City of Saint John.

The property is graced with lush foliage and rugged granite outcrops. The rolling greenery features birch, cedar and evergreen trees carpeted with wild ferns, and beautiful floral gardens to delight the senses, all intertwined with the natural landscape.

Meet Kathleen Karamanos

Kathleen Karamanos

Kathleen was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and it should come as no surprise that her current calling has finally brought her back to the beautiful coastline she remembers fondly walking as a child.

After hard work and tenacity saw her pay her own way through two University degrees to become a well-loved Teacher, first in New Brunswick and then Ontario, Kathleen went on to seek new opportunities for personal growth. Her curiosity and drive have since led her to a multifaceted career spanning real estate and renovation, education, human resources and hospitality — including a long tenure in restaurant administration with her late husband at his famed Steakhouse and Toronto institution, Carman's Club.

Kathleen's talent for making her customers feel special and her grasp on what makes a business successful have led her to an entrepreneurial vision, and a homecoming.

She's thrilled to bring her unique combination of skills back to Saint John, and to the warm and relaxing space at Fundy Heights B&B, where she continues to work hard to make her guests feel welcome.

Kathleen has named the dining room of Fundy Heights in memory of Carman's Club, which is sure to please longtime Carman's fans and new patrons alike by keeping up the Carman's tradition of allowing them to order garlic with their breakfast eggs.